Wednesday, June 24, 2009


remember when that was the acronym for "Silent But Deadly" and referred to the most foulest of odors???

I laugh because in this age of acronyms I am constantly referring to something or another in chat lingo...

I told DH (dear husband) the other day, "Wow, I am so excited about the SBD we are doing." Dh turned to me and LOL'd about that one for a minute...and I began ROFLing...

But what I really meant was the South Beach Diet!!
We started on Monday...and it is WONDERFUL!!! We had been talking about and trying to incorporate more veggies into our diets anyway...especially since having kiddos. This definately is forcing us to eat lean meats and other proteins, and lots of wonderful...oft forgotten veggies!

I was worried I would have really bad sugar cravings...because that is pretty much what I tend to crave, but they really have been kept at bay...and I was really worried about a sugar substitute because I haven't really touched one since conceiving the mancub. I found this most wonderous sweetner and loooove it! :) And, I haven't been using it like nobody's business either.

We've been eating wonderful recipes...and have been satisfied...not really feeling hungry. Today is day three and has been the easiest so far for me!

Honest to goodness...we both could see a change in our own and each other's bodies...YESTERDAY!! wowzas!!!

I hope to update on our progress as I am not taking this lightly at all. I HAVE to get to a healthier weight and instill good eating habits in my little boogers. It feels really good to eat right again.

On a side note, yes, it is a bit expensive to get started on the diet...but if you don't eat out during the first two weeks, you are just paying up front what you normally would spend throughout the week. plus...overprocessed, overrefined is cheap eats.

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