Monday, June 22, 2009

I love our zoo..

Seriously, like love it.

We have gone probably I don't know close to 50 times in the last nine years...or maybe even more. And, we finally bought a zoo pass. Now, our zoo going can be unlimited for a year with this pass!

Here's some pics from our latest visit.

(and on a side note about my don't think I am a photographer now, I just am claiming what is rightly mine.)

This is a tiny hawk...a pygmy from Africa. It is the smallest hawk in the world!
I've never got this shot before...I guess he was just being a show off..

Our elephants used to rock back and forth in a small dirt enclosure, now they have so much to do..
like totally get pissed at each should have heard this elephant ROAAAARRRRR.


  1. awesome pics! how did u do the water mark? I have always wanted to do it to my pics

  2. Hey Steph. I downloaded irfanview for free a couple years ago. As I am resizing my pics, I just do it there...and yes, I have had it for 2 years and finally figured that out! :)

  3. I love and miss your zoo. When Kev was traveling a ton for work I would take the girls every Saturday morning as soon as it opened. The zoo here was such a disappointment, but luckily they are finally renovating... though it will never be the RGZ.

    :) Crystal