Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty in Pi....I mean Green.

We have a wedding on Saturday to attend. Well, more than attend, my two boys are in it...gonna be all dapper...so the girl and I are going to do our best to dress at par with the boys.

Here is her dress:

and here are the barrettes/clippies I made to match (did I not SCORE with the ribbon almost being an exact match?!):

and here is the price we paid for the dress:


  1. Incredible shopping, great match; creative!

  2. WHATTTT! That dress is awesome!! You got it at Kohls? that is such a cute dress and clippie!

  3. daaaaang! what a deal! and at kohl's? i'm sure lil' miss will look FABULOUS in it!

  4. seriously...khols clearance cant be beat!

    love it