Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Feature- BPRDesigns

Hello lovelies!  I'm quite a bit late getting my Friday Feature out today!! (I didn't mean to keep you waiting, but I did have that pressing matter of getting the kids their free scary face pancakes at IHOP this morning)

I am very excited about today's featured artist BPRDesigns . I first learned of this shop through a forum on etsy about a year ago. I think it was really one of those "Hey, who has a facebook fanpage, I'll fan yours if you fan mine" kind of a deal.  I remember scrolling through her shop and drooling over her beautiful soap dishes.
contemporary cranberry $17
cobalt blue $15

What really struck me as totally awesome was her recycled slumped glass wine bottles.  She fires them up in her kiln and creates unique and truly conversation starter cheese plates.

Here's what she shares about her passion. "I have always loved glass and have found a real joy in working with fused glass. Living in the beautiful Northwest, which is home to Bullseye and Urobos glass, warm glass was a natural choice for me. So I bought a kiln and my journey began! 

I love the colors of nature and am drawn to those colors in my fused glass work. All of my slumped bottle plates and spoonrests are made from recycled bottles that I collect from friends and family."

Right now, BPRDesigns is carrying some truly beautiful and unique holiday items.  If you are looking for a special and unique gift this season, look no further! 

coasters $30
pair of stocking ornaments $8
Check out her shoppe or find her on facebook and get some shopping done!


  1. I've seen her designs through your "likes" on your etsy page and love them!! Such cool things!

  2. Wow -- thanks for the support, Jen!!

  3. I've purchased two ornaments recently and absolutely love them!