Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Feature- GoneTheSun Vintage

Back in the late 90's I was attending college away from home.  Being that I pretty much had no money for spending at Abercrombie or American Eagle- I began my love affair with thrift shopping.  I found some amazing deals ($1 sweaters and 25 cent t-shirts) and also started my Anchor Hocking Avocado Sorreno collection. :)  But enough about me.

What I really love about today's featured seller, GoneTheSun Vintage is that everything in her shop catches my eye like my treasures from my "thrifting" days.  She has exceptional finds at wonderful prices!

Here's what her store philosophy reads,
"I just can't shake my obsession for the search of fun vintage items. I really don't need any of the stuff I find so rather that finding things and passing them up, I've decided to bring them here to share with all of you.
I tend to gravitate toward items that remind me of things from my own past or items that were just fun, cutting edge or trendy for the time or stuff that shows a touch of by gone glamor or simplicity. Stuff that will either take you back to grandma's kitchen or yearn for a time when life was slower and not so mass produced."
Vintage Raggedy Ann Doll $14

Tea for two, or 8 perhaps $20

Vintage Lily Tin $5
And for the month of October, she has been running a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Here it is:
THINK PINK! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for the entire month of October, 50% of sales on any of my PINK items will go to City of Hope Cancer Center. Find a treasure, support a good cause! 

So for the rest of the month, any sales on items like the ones below will benefit a great cause!

PINK Vintage baby booties vase $7
PINK Vintage pink iridescent disy ashtray $10

So go check out GoneTheSun Vintage and make a purchase or two. You won't be disappointed! Everything I have purchased from her has arrived quickly and nicely packaged. 

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