Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Sweet Valentine

Well, on Vtines Day, I woke up early and poached a couple eggs for Mr.Toddlerwhisperer...he was shocked because I am usually fast asleep when he leaves for work, but I was inspired by Lucy over at Attic24 to try poaching eggs her style. Which happens to be quite fabulous.

I mentioned to Mr.TW that I didn't need any chocolates or flowers, but if he really had to get me a gift to go to the thrift store and find me some Pyrex. You laugh? I was serious.

He was late coming home, so I knew he was out there, "junkin'" as he would say...and I was pleasantly surprised when the door finally swung open...and...there he stood with a bag from Trader Joes. Um...that's not pyrex. He handed each munchkin a chocolate toffee bar, and a box of Cocoa Truffles he bought for me, along with a bottle of the most amazing(ly cheap and tasty) bubbly pink wine. (Boy was that DELICIOUS with the truffles) and I loved that he only spent $9 for the champagne bubbly wine AND the melt in your mouth truffles.

But the best part was when he went back out to the car and brought in a couple bags from Goodwill!! Pyrex!!! No...even cooler!! He found this set of four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four soup bowls looking for a new home for only$9.99. I've taught him well. :)

And try as I may, I cannot find anything like them on the web. I've looked at Anchor Hocking glass, at Federal Glass, Indiana Glass...If you happen to know this pattern or glassmaker will you leave me a comment?
It looks blown and the edges are uneven.

So, my sweet man did really well for me. I couldn't have asked for anything more! :) How was your Valentine's day? Get anything interesting?

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