Friday, February 17, 2012

still thankful

44. little girl tracing dotted letters, spelling name
45. little girl writing the sweetest song with daddy
46. little boy's smile making whole face smile at bedtime
47. gf marshmallows...and crispy rice for gf rice crispy treats. :)
48. inlaws bringing lunches
49. finding thrilling vintage at the thrift store
50. making plans with best friend's family
51. fridays
52. poaching eggs perfectly
53. memories of our sweet doggie while watching Marley & Me
54. walking to the drugstore for conversation hearts with my two tiny Valentine's
55. scheduling son's interview for kindergarten
56. easy crock pot chicken breasts with salsa
57. dreaming of spring
58. discussions of grace with hubby
59. sunshine through the windows making for great picture taking
60. finishing up a large order

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