Monday, January 19, 2009

All done

Little lady just blows my mind sometimes!! She loves to eat just about anything, and for the last few weeks, I have been wondering if there is a cut off for how much she eats, or if she is just a bottomless pit!! The one and only sign language cue I have done for her all along is "all done" which my son really took to, but she hadn't done anything with.

Well, on Friday, I just kept putting more and more food on her little tray as she would eat it right up....I noticed her slowing down a bit, and finally, she looks at me, touches her little fingers together and brings them apart while saying, "Ah dieeen." PRESH. She just told me she was done!! I am loving this now, because she has a say in when enough is enough.

She is really working with the word BABY a lot too. The other morning she woke up, I laid her on the changing table, and the first thing she sees is a picture of her when she was first born. She says, Baayyyyba. I say it correctly for her, and she keeps practicing it until her sweet little voice says, "Baybee." Oh I just love it!

Little man is doing great as well. He just loves his toys, and he just loves his sister's toys too! I have to remind him to share with Sissy all the time, and pry his hands off her hands as he is trying to move her away from her own toys!!

He is so awesome with his alphabet, he is constantly pointing out the letters anywhere he sees them. I have to be on my guard because he will say it until I acknowledge I see it too. He can identify all his capital letters, most his lower case letters, and me being the former teacher that I am...He also is saying their phonetic sound as well. I think I have a baby Einstein on my hands.

I'm working on a diet. Ya, I haven't really mentioned it before, but I am. It has been two weeks now, and I feel really good. I must admit though, that I did indulge in some junk food this weekend, and I don't feel like I ruined everything! I am back on track today, eating my one egg spinach omelet, plain yogurt and blueberries for breakfast!! The hubs and I both feel sooo much better when we are eating right. So far I have lost 8 lbs. I have many more to go, and I will keep you posted as to my progress in a once a week update.

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