Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something for ME

For Christmas, I received a bag of really nice yarn from Santa...AKA my momma. I have been drooling over all the different color schemes and have been really looking forward to creating a hat for myself...seems like all I have been doing lately is making stuff for other people. I have a pattern that is absolutely adorable...my mom got her hands on it and has been making $$$ selling these hats EVERYWHERE. Like she will go into the bank, and people will ask her about the hat, and she will make a sell. She has even made a sell at Red Lobster for Pete's sake...Sooo I am eyeballing my yarn, picking my colors and I am steadfast and determined to create a headturner for myself. Yes, that would be all well and good if I could get the blasted thing over my head. I totally used up two balls of yarn on a hat that doesn't fit.

So then, my Mother in law would like a hat. She lives in Florida, and I think, oh, I will buy the type of yarn the pattern calls for, sportweight, and make her a light and comfy hat...same pattern. I finish in record time, hold up the finished product...and dang diddly do dah...same problem. I am soooo done making that hat. My mom told me she will come over after her trip to see my brother and his new babe and make one for me. awww...gotta love mommas and their sympathy.

Well, all that to say, I have been on the quest for a different hat pattern for myself. I found one the other day and finally had a chance to make it yesterday. I like it, and I think it is unique, but like the U2 song, "I still....haven't found.....what I'm looking for..." Me thinks it shall be in the etsy shop verrrry soon. (It's the one in the picture)
And totally off topic...I have not been a teacher for two years now...and all the stress of teaching has totally been a distant memory, however it happened again last night. I had that frustrating, out of control, me standing in the middle of a classroom full of unruly ten year olds dream, trying to write things on the chalk board and the chalkdust is just too blurry on the board...My teacher from fifth grade is usually in my dreams too...she was trying to mentor me but things were falling apart...as they usually do in my school dreams. weird, I know. I just realize, everytime I have these dreams, how much I really don't miss that part of my life.


  1. wow! that was really random.

    so have you tried blocking your work to see if you can stretch it out? what type of yarn is it? wool sucks ass to block... in my opinion at least. cotton sucks more ass... hahahahaha.

    but you never know, the thing may block and fot you all. also, are you keeping up with your gauge? what size does the pattern call for and are you sticking to it? i know that at times when i crochet i get so into it that i start to realize my gauge is being affected. b/c i'm concentrating really hard on the stitch and i have tightened it. damn, that took a lot of my concentration to write that-- i'm tired.

    any who, did you ever get to read/borrow/buy the crochet book i suggested? the stitch and bitch happy hooker... it's filled with fun stuff... and a lot of explanations galore!

    ok, ok.... i'm totally done drying your eyes out by reading this.

  2. I need to go look for the book...like I said, I really haven't really done too much for me. I think I was just really tense when I was crocheting...made my stitches too tight. I can't block this because I think I used Jiffy (lionbrand acrylic)...it would melt. Thanks for the suggestions..

  3. hmmmm, oh well. i hope you like the book if you find it... speaking of mommy time... you need to read my latest entry. fun!

    i also was dropping by to tell you that i've consolidated my blogs into one...


    and i'll be erasing the other one you had subscribed to.