Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year, a new address...

As exciting as it I haven't moved where I live...only where I tell you about my life. I am deleting myspace from my life in my effort to simplify, but have come to really enjoy the whole posting thing, thus the blogspot! (Obligatory intro to blogspot over)

We have a little Bob Dylan on our hands. I would never have thought...being hubby sings, and sings well....and I do a little bit of singin myself. I was driving home from church yesterday and my sonny is just making these crazy aweful noises in the backseat...I think he's crying because we put him in the 2-3 year old class for the first time...I'm asking him if he liked his class, telling him to talk like a big boy...then it dawns on child is singing about his first class. And by singing, I mean...putting all his words together in one long sad sing songish sentence and wailing. We got home and were all chillin on the bed and he started singing again...As hilarious and funny as it is, I am sure hoping this is a phase.

Little Ladybug is just doing so well!! She has come to the point where rolling just isn't cutting it for her. She has finally had enough and is moving in a bit of a struggled forward motion I can kind of call crawling. She is so funny, such a girl. We were at Kmart (of all places) and were browsing clearance toys...(not anywhere as amazing as Target's toy clearance I might add) and there were lots of boyish toys...I was pushing the boy in his cart and hubby was pushing little lady...suddenly I hear this screech of all screeches....hubby is laughing. I look over and he is stopped in front of a princess doll on a pony. Of course.

Well, my little man beckons. Thanks for reading!

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