Friday, January 23, 2009


Their loss is my gain..KB Toystore that is!! Yesterday while hoofin it at the mall, I happened to see some very very low the store is going out of business. Unfortunately, I was all geared up for walking and not for shopping, so I didn't have any money on me. Oh, and let me add that there was hardly a soul there too...*tumbleweed blowing across store*

Soooo, I went back today, money in hand, and was ready to browse. Well, it was more like a free for all frenzy. My first indication that it was wild there, was that as soon as I swung open the doors to the mall this woman was standing there with 2 HUGE KB toystore bags...I walked a little further, and this man was coming toward me with I'd say 5 ginormous bags from the store. I walked in and the place was ravaged. I did, however, find quite a few things that my little Lady will love in the future, like dress up and tea time stuff...and this baaaaad Remote control car for the boy next Christmas. It was pretty awesome!! The best part was it only cost $56 with a total of $126 in savings!!!

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