Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sure it may look like a modified crib (it is) and have a modge podge of crib like accessories (it does) and the sheets don't match the blanket and pillowcase (they don't)

HOWEVER....My son is in his big boy bed! He has been for the last couple weeks and he LOVES it. We removed the front railing to his crib and attached the toddler railing and he started walking around on cloud nine. "Daddy built a big boy bed for me.." he said proudly. And now, he crawls into bed on his more lifting my nearly 40 lb 2 1/2 year old into bed...and I can sit on the side of his bed and read to him at night! So much more comfy than sitting on the floor.

Little sissy likes it too. We have to get onto her for crawling into his bed and jumping up and down. Silly girl! I think before we know it, we will be converting her bed too and making his into the full sized bed.

Next project..potty training!

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