Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eehp yuuu

We had heard the roar of six apaches flying over head just moments before little ladybug started saying, "eehp yuuu" to me. I was in the kitchen cleaning up, as I do every morning, and she started walking closer to me from the den.

"Helicoptor," I tell her. "Yes, I heard them too."

"eehp yuuu" she insists...

I think, wow...she's really working on her words, trying to say helicoptor.

"Helicoptor, baby."

She's closer. I continue emptying the dishwasher.

"EEEEHHP YUUU." she grabs a fork and hands it to me.

It dawns on me. My baby wants to help me. "HELP YOU."

Oh, are you saying "Help you?"

She giggles. I grab the camera, and she procedes to empty the dishwasher of all the silverware...minus the sharp objects of course!

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