Monday, August 17, 2009

A Couple Toddler "Shorts"

Daddy: Does Daddy need more hair?
Boy: Yes.
Daddy: Where should we get it?
Boy: Oh, should we get new hair at Target?

Boy: I'm 2!!
Daddy: How old will you be on your birthday?
Boy: 3!
Daddy: What's daddy?
(boy fully knows mommy and daddy's ages)
Boy: Oh, Daddy is number One.

Some of the new words Little Lady has just started using out of nowhere....seriously, all of the sudden she busts out with one of these words:
~two babies (when looking at a magazine with a picture of twins)

And she's all but stopped calling me Mimi...every now and then she does, but it's mostly Mommy now...*tear*

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  1. That's awesome Izzie talks so much! I wish Madi would start saying something!