Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun With Cat Litter.

Did I say fun? What I meant to say was, "The worst thing that could happen with cat litter."

Seriously, I think the kids were silent for like 5 minutes. I heard them in the guest bathroom...(we never use that room except to brush their's referred to as the kitty's room) and I said, get out of kitty's room. Little lady said, "NO." So I hurried into the doorway of the bathroom (which is usually spotless) to find this...

And slowly I looked with horror over the edge of the tub to find this....

I was no longer the "toddler whisperer " on Monday. I was the Toddler Screamer until you need a throat lozenge. Thank goodness it was hubby's last day of vacation, he grabbed the chilluns and plopped them into the clean bathtub while I spent at least thirty to forty five minutes cleaning their lovely mess.

Ya know what they told daddy about their "no no?" They said, "It was like the playground..." poor kids have been cooped up way too long. Somedays I really hate the cold.

Kids= 1
Toddlerwhisperer= 0

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