Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy hookiness

ahhhhhh.. the joys of holiday. the children are happy and busy with their new goodies, and I scored on some yarn at michael's!! (i am really liking their loops & threads acrylic yarn...and it was only $1.50/ball the other day)

so I have been working on restocking jenster76. i've been making a pile of slipper socks..they are just waiting for me to tuck and weave all the loose ends...
i've also had the opportunity to just work on some of the items i've had queued up on ravelry..
like the cuppy
the incredibly easy and adorable granny star
and my little rudy the rectangle
now I tried this number....but boy sure was difficult to join..mine turned out lumpy bumpy mashed potatoes....but the colors sure are pretty...
and this little cutiebug for a box of fun stuff I am gathering for a friend...
I also wanted to show you my bear. I've made about three or four of him this month...
Now this is one of my favorite items I made this month....simple little baby booties...added a polymer clay button (which I made) and personalized for 2009 first Christmas. I made my neice one in sparkly red...
And just in December, I made at least 50 prs of slippers. It has been a beautiful year. My deepest desire is that you find what inspires you...what you have passion for, and live it, breathe it, do 2010.


  1. My girls LOVE their little bears!!! The rectangle guy is a cutie! So is the bunny! Maybe for Easter... =)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the baby booties!! So cute!