Thursday, December 17, 2009


So I went from 96 sales to 142 sales in a matter of about a week...and let's face it, I'm not a machine. I was drowning in a sea of slippers...but it was oh so fabulous!! I am so excited about the fact that at least fifty people across the country (and one in Australia and one in Canada) will be wearing my slippers this winter. I plan on opening my shop back up New Year's Day with some great deals and new color combos! :)

I took my last three packages to the Post office. Okay, well, not absolute last, I have one more order for a blanket that I am completing and I want to ship a couple items to my wonderful friend in CO. It felt wonderful to hand over the big envelopes stuffed with slippers and call it done!!

My poor house has been completely neglected for the last couple weeks, and I am about to get down to business on that!!

Tomorrow is my eldest monkey's third birthday. Wowzas. I honestly cannot believe it has already been three years since he made us a family.

I will see you lovelies tomorrow for another addition of Five.

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