Friday, January 15, 2010

Five- wayback pics

I guess it is wayback week on Fb. It has been fun to check out other peeps baby I finally got around to taking pics of pics (our scanner is put away right now) to make a little room for my way back pics. So here are my five I submit for you.
2 months old
2nd birthday party
first grade
6th grade...I totally had a mullet...what was I thinking? (and I couldn't pull the plastic cover off the album it's distorted)
I think this is my senior yr of hs...I was about to head
to work at the grocery store...remember when your cashier wore
an apron??

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  1. Cutie-cutie cute! I haven't been on FB all month, so I'm glad you let me in on what's been goin' on over there!


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