Friday, January 1, 2010

Five- Putting Away the Tree

So New Year's Day is the day we traditionally pack away the Christmas tree...and as today has been a pretty lazy day, we haven't gotten there yet, but it is in the plans for tonight. I thought I would snap some photos of FIVE of my favorite ornaments in daylight before we pack them away.
Some of these I have had since I was a baby...much like this year's Hallmark commercial where the mom and dad open a box full of ornaments from the mom's childhood and there is a new starter ornament for the baby...I sure wish my hubby had some from his Christmas pasts...

received on my first Christmas...1976
Hallmark 1977
I believe 1977 as well (Hallmark)

We had no tree when I received this ornament, my son was born 1wk prior, but I love his first Christmas ornament.
This year these two are my most favoritest!!! One was made by the sweetest little ladybug and the most huggable little mancub!!
Happy New Year all!!

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  1. Oh LOVE all of those so much. We just took ours down yesterday too. Happy New Year!