Friday, January 29, 2010

Five-things I can't live without

Well, that sounds rather dramatic, doesn't it? The basics and my lovelies(hubby and babies) aside...these are some items I pretty much use every single day...
1. my laptop. my hubby would laugh and probably object to that's really his, but I use it more than him...and I think I have wayyyy more files saved on this here piece of technology than he does.
2. my glasses.more of a necessity than anything. i don't really love them that much, but I did at one time. it has been wayyy too long since i have had my eyes checked for fact, in the next few weeks, i really want to do that.
3. my phone. we got rid of our landline and just have stand alone wireless, so it's pretty important to keep the phone at my side at all times. that has been hard for me!!
4. my salt rock deodorant. i love this. love it. no chemicals like aluminum to get into my pits. just salt. and it really works. and lasts forever.
5. my hooks. really can't go a day without making something. there are just too many projects and too little time.

what are five things you can't go a day without?

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