Monday, January 4, 2010

Something Old, Something New

After taking the Christmas tree down, we were left, yet again, with a blank wall area. And again, this year, I begged and pleaded with the hubby to bring the piano inside. This year was different, though. We have talked and talked about how I want this piano inside and where I wanted it...and what color I want the wall to be behind it (turquoise)....And this year, I mentioned it in front of help. My hubby's family was over, and his dad wanted to see the piano. They measured it and the door way leading from the garage into the house...and after much pushing, prodding, and levering and heaving, we got the piano in, and up the two stairs from the den into the living room. (It's got to weigh at least a half ton)

And it is not just any piano. This is the piano I was given by my aunt...the eldest daughter of my grandmother. My grandmother passed away just days after I was married. So this piano was her piano. My grandmother was a devote Christian woman, who for many years played the piano at her teeny tiny Nazarene church. She had the lightest touch and played almost with a "ragtime" feel...I loved watching her light up and become so animated as she played...those old arthritic knuckles didn't seem to pain her anymore as she gracefully tapped these keys. She wrote over 100 songs on this piano. She kept them, all handwritten in the bench. (I don't have those, but I remember her notebook.) She never wrote any notes down, just the words, and she remembered the music just by looking at her words. Her voice was so unique, like a bird singing, riding the soundwaves up and down...I've never heard anyone like her. She was a beautiful woman. I am so happy we brought this into our home this new year. We checked out the serial numbers, and this baby just celebrated it's 100th year. Thank you Grandma Wilma for your legacy!

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