Tuesday, January 26, 2010

nifty thrifty melts

We had such a fun morning. A friend of mine posted this idea on our forum and I decided to give it a whirl.
After the tots woke up, we got to work peeling all those scrappy old crayons I keep finding everywhere in the house. I thought it would be a lot faster...silly me...I was thinking my three year old would be peeling paper off too...but alas, I peeled and he watched. ***He did tell me that I was so nice and he was so happy I was his mommy in the middle of this project...totally melted my heart!!***
After literally almost an hour of peeling...(And I really didn't have that many crayons to peel) I was done. I placed them on wax paper on a cutting board and chopped them into smaller pieces with my chef's knife. When I finally had the bowl full of chopped crayons, I had my babes add the pieces to these Target dollar spot ice cube trays I bought a couple weeks ago.
I placed them in the oven at 250 degrees for about 12-14 minutes and took them out to cool.
After about 45 minutes I took them out to the delight of two VERY happy babes. I busted out the drawing pad and they have been scribbling away ever since...and talk about a really fun VALENTINE?! My friend who posted this idea on our forum is going to stick one crayon to a piece of cardstock with the words, "You color my world, Valentine" or "You melt my heart, Valentine." Love this!! :)


  1. what a fun idea. I may have to steal it from you as well :)
    I'm Anna's sister by the way, you can check me out here :)

  2. Oh, Martha, I am sure your "50 Sticky Fingers" would love this project!! ;)

  3. i love it!
    i have no kids, so i have no crayons...but I've often though about hunting through the thrift stores for someones old bag of crayons and making my own new ones :)

    and i ♥ your son! what a sweet thing to say :)