Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did I tell you what happened in the drive thru banking line?

No? Well let me.

I pulled up to the bank to find that a van which had previously been in one line had reversed and was sitting far back mostly in another lane.  they were "hovering" to see which lane emptied first.  i don't have time for that, so i just pulled into the lane she had been in previously.  she got mad. pulled up to the passenger side of my truck and had the angry smile going on. I had my two babes with me so I wasn't in the mood to argue with her. i looked up from my paperwork, noticed her "smile" and smiled back, continued to fill out my transaction form.

She still was fuming, but I really didn't care, she reversed again and pulled up to the front of the bank to go inside to finish her transaction. me? I'm not going in with two babes in tow. it's just not fun.

I noticed it is taking a RE AA  AAA LLLLLLL LLLLLLLLL YYY long time. like a really long time.  I notice the mean van lady speed away, after slowing down to gloat that her transaction was finished. whatever.

And I am still second in line and it has been at least 15-20 minutes.  There are now quite a few cars behind me and i am getting a little bit bugged that it is taking this long.

and then the cop car pulls up in front of the car in front of me. with lights on. the officer gets out and starts walking to the car in front of me.
MY HEART IS POUNDING....Is she trapped? Is she going to back into me?? I put my truck in reverse...but the ding dong behind me didn't notice. I was trapped between a bank robber and an idiot.
She revs up her engine...Oh my gosh it's gonna happen. (Lord help us) She somehow finds a way to screech around the cop car and speeds away. Cop runs to his car and radios it in...then speeds away.
I AM SHAKING. then I pull into the booth and deposit my cash. just like nothing happened. It was crazy.

You know what is even crazier? I sat behind this woman for around 20 minutes and I could not, for the life of me, tell you what the license plate was or even what kind of car it was!!

okay, and I guess it is a little crazy that I did stay in line that long, too.

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  1. omg!! WHAT THE HECK?!!? I'm so glad your OK! And that they didn't hit your car! And that you finally got to make your deposit!! :)

    But seriously- she was trying to rob the bank through the drive through!?!?


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