Friday, March 19, 2010

Five-Things I need to do for myself more often...

As a mom of tots...I get into the habit of doing for others, a lot.  I've found that there are some things I just forget to take care of for me.  Here are five of them.

1. Get or give myself a pedicure. Seriously.

2. Get a haircut

3. Put on make-up more consistently

4. Spend quality time with my girlfriends more often/not neglect my friendships

5. Find a good book and read it.

Are you finding yourself in need of some TLC? What are some things you need to do for YOU?


  1. Pretty much the same as yours, but I'll try to think of 5 more:
    - take vitamins
    - journal
    - call people
    - update my playlist
    - update my wardrobe.

  2. Oh, I definitely need to get a haircut!
    Also, exercise, sleep, and shower more often! Seriously, I don't think people who don't have children realize what a luxery a shower can be!