Wednesday, March 3, 2010


a virtual friend of mine posted a picture of shelves filled with yarn stacked upon each other...probably in a store somewhere. i loved it.

soon after, i was showing my mom my newly improved craft room. she said i should have shelves in there. i thought about it, and remembered this post with the picture of the shelves. i asked my dad if he would build me some shelves. he went to Home Depot and found some closet cubby shelves premade, and he installed them in my craft room!!

and I filled them!!
yummy. now i can see which yarns i have, need and want to work with.


  1. I AM inspired. Just looking at these pictures makes me feel more organized. Thanks!

  2. YAY!! They look AWESOME!!! :D

    Thanks for the link back to my blog!!

    I have one of those square cubby shelving things too, but I really like how you have them up off the floor and wall mounted!! Looks great! And probably sparks more yarnspiration than having stuff stowed away! :)

    happy hooking!!

  3. I think your Dad did a great job! Your wall just came to life :)

    "All the skiens in a row
    Sitting so pretty and Bright
    I know who loves to crow
    She'll be crowing tonight!"