Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Two things I made yesterday...
Been wanting a huge headband for about a month...I love to wear buns and ponies, but they don't look so great with a big ol hat I found this on ravelry...I used a skein (not all the way up) of red heart collage...I love how it striped.
Secondly, the kids and I were watching "Sid the Science Kid" on PBS yesterday morning, and he made ice pops with his parents...of course my little monkey asked if we could make ice pops too, so last night we did. We bought teensy little Dixie style plastic cups...I had some lollypop sticks for another project, and we bought a delish orange mango juice from TJ's and we had bananas...thats all ya need. Slice your banana really thick and place in bottom of the cup, stick your popsicle stick into the banana, pour in juice and freeze...The kids ate theirs this morning. My one year old pretty much ate the whole thing, and my three year old was done after his teeth got too cold. Me? Well, I waited until the kids had their naptime and thoroughly enjoyed my ice pop...even if it is grey and snowing outside.

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