Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The $3 Valentine Wreath

Well, hubby was off work on Monday due to the holiday, and I was not going to let the opportunity pass for me to have some alone time, so I hopped in the truck and hit up three Goodwill Stores in my search for hidden treasures (pyrex). I didn't find anything, however, the last Goodwill was right next door to a Dollar Tree. And the rest becomes this super easy tutorial.

First, you need to pick up a willow wreath from the "floral" section of the Dollar Tree. (I was surprised at the variety of sizes available!) And I picked up two bags of 300 ct rose petals from the valentine section. You will also need your glue gun and plenty of glue sticks.

Find a comfortable spot to lay it all out. I dumped both colors out so I could just be random when selecting.

I took each petal and put one finger in the middle and gathered the sides around that finger...

then slipped the finger out and glued right there in the middle.

And just started placing them close together into the willow wreath. (and totally find something for your children to do while you are doing this...mine were coloring)

I attached a ribbon onto the back of the wreath and have it hanging on my front door!

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  1. How cool! Great idea. I was just trying to come up with things to do with fabric scraps, and now I have a great one! Thanks for posting this.