Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday

I bought the book One Thousand Gifts on the recommendation of a friend for myself, my sister in laws, and my secret santa gift for Christmas.  I began reading it, and really evaluating my own moments of gratitude. What has really stuck with me so far, from the few chapters that I have read, is that taking the time to thank our Creator for the little things in life slows you enough to appreciate these little gifts from above.

This week I have really tried to slow, and appreciate sweet moments and each week I will list my thousand gifts. I want to encourage you to as well. We can make every Thursday a Thanksgiving Thursday!

1. little voices playing "kitty"
2. a husband who cooks delicious meals
3. little fingers stroking my cheek as I sing goodnight songs
4. taking walks on warm winter days
5. clean water to quench my thirst
6. never forgotten, always provided for
7. new colors on my wall

1 comment:

  1. Someone recommended that book to me too. I think I'll check it out! Loved your list. And the aqua walls are pretty hot.