Friday, January 13, 2012

Make it fun

Like I was telling you last Friday, we've started back on Paleo. (except we allow for dairy every now and then)
Well, the other night I wanted something easy and fun for our family, so I chose this taco recipe . My husband got home from work and saw that I was flustered from all the cleaning and decluttering I had been doing in my son's room that day and asked if I would let him cook. (I ain't no dummy...Mr Toddlerwhisperer is a GREAT cook!)
He is so creative too, and I think that is what made our dinner really fun. He took down some of my vintage glassware and used it to display our food in a way that even our pickiest eater was eagerly anticipating dinner. I literally had to tell them each to MOVE from the table so I could snap this picture, because they were so interested in dinner. And let me tell you, that is not something that happens on a regular basis.

Presenting....... your own taco night... minus the meat, we hadn't added it to the table yet.

I really really loved how he stuck all the lettuce leaves in the vintage anchor hocking humidor for height and variety...The tacos were so good too...we didn't even miss processed taco shells...the lettuce was fantastic!

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  1. How fun! He did a good job with that presentation. :)