Friday, February 12, 2010

5- Songs we have been singing a lot lately

I was sad because my son has never been a singer. his father is a musician and the worship leader at our church, i have sung in many a choir and in other musical ventures...and i was so jealous that my friend's little 2 yr old daughter was singing away with her last year when she came to visit me.

but now...hip hip daughter is a singer. she loves to sing with me and to be sung to. and because she gets a whole lot of attention from her momma while the singfest is a'happenin'...guess who else likes to sing now too???

Here are our top 5

"You Are My Sunshine"

"Jesus Loves Me"


"Miss Mary Mack..Mack....Mack"

"I Am So Proud of You" (This is a song we heard Jason Upton sing at a concert once, he told how he sings it to his babes every single night before bed. Here is a really rough version...and we just replace our kiddos names inside the song. The best part is, the other night Daddy was singing to his little monkey boy and I heard monkey boy sing, "Daddy, I am so proud of you." PRESH)

Do you sing with your babes??? What songs??


  1. I have been singing "Oh Happiness" by the David Crowder Band to Felicity, because that is what her name means.

  2. The babies love "If you're happy and you know it" and the big kids love "Fireflies" by owl city. I hope at least one of them gets Jeremy's music abilities.

  3. Hey Jen, I did your Valentine heart craft yesterday with the crayons. Ali loved it!! We had so much fun! We gave them to our neighbors. Thanks for the crafty idea. :)

  4. - Snuggle Puppy
    - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    - ABC's
    - Away in a Manger (the baby Jesus song, and no my kids don't care that it's a Christmas song)
    - It is magic when you are here beside me (from Barbie Island Princess)


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