Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day!!

To ME!!! I kid, I kid. This was our big Valentine's Eve purchase. I had been duct taping my lint catcher into the cracked lint catcher holder for each load in my old dryer, and finally on Thursday, a blanket caught onto the holder, pulled it away from the dryer and pretty much ruined it. We needed a new one anyway, ours was 7 yrs old in January and the quality was definitely lacking. We just bought the dryer yesterday and in a couple weeks we will go and by a new washer too. The place was awesome because they are liquidator, and this was a $1000 retail dryer, and we paid $350...not too shabby!!
A look onto our piano top...
The Valentine bears I made the kids this weekend. I used Lionbrand's Bear in a Jiff pattern.. I think every Valentines day, I want to make the kids something special...we also gave them a book each, and a new shirt...I think this will be our Valentine tradition.
I was suckered into teaching the 2 &3 year olds at church today...this works out because both my babes are in that class...we made these "Valentines" with the verse John 3:16.
Later we are making cookies and having a surf 'n turf dinner here at home, some organic, grass fed steaks and prawns. I love spending time with my little family...hope you are having a beautiful day as well!!


  1. Congrats on your new purchase! We just got a new front loader and we love it! Also what a great sunday school Valentine! Soo cute

  2. Ooh, totally jealous of your new dryer! And for such a good price too...awesome!! And LOVE the valentine's gifts you made you little cute!!

  3. What a great tradition - love the bears!! :)


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