Friday, February 19, 2010

Five-TV Series I Love...

Is it Friday already?? Time for Five for Friday. Let's play with TV shows this week. These are current faves...and they are mostly shows on regular ol' non satellite or cable tv. (With the exception of one.) The fact of the matter is, we don't watch too much tv anymore, and we don't really watch these as they appear on tv, because we really really try to censor tv viewing by the kiddos...I don't want them to hear yucky words, or to see yucky things. Thank goodness for being able to watch episodes on the computer...that is one of my hubby and I's favorite things to do when the babes are in bed....plug in our earbuds into the laptop and watch a movie or catch up on tv.

These are in no particular order:

Fun show. Always intense (actually couldn't watch when I was preggo because it was so stressful to me!) The Unit

Okay, super funny show...been watching since it debuted. Are we ever gonna meet the momma?

I love this show. So clever. I'm on the fence about whether I love Chuck being a spy yet or not...

Never heard of this one?? Well, fortunately/unfortunately, it is a 2 season wonder. It was actually a showtime series back in 03-04. I came across it on Netflix, and hubby and I were addicted. Every night after the kids went to bed, we watched a couple episodes until the series was over. Interesting premise...they are all grim reapers...they take souls of people that will meet a grisly demise before the event happens to spare the victim of feeling any pain on death...then guide them to their "crossing." They each once were living and were "reaped" themselves before a yucky death...and George is the newest reaper. I really love this show.

Well, this just falls into the category of...well, it's Monday night, the kids are in bed and it's about the only interesting thing on tv...but it's grown on me. It's so cheesilicious. They changed the Thursday night CSI so much that this one just seems easier for me to watch.
Now it's your turn....What are your favorite tv series to watch? We'll do reality shows another time.

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  1. We like Mother too, and of course the office, and 30 Rock and Community, parks and rec, and the big bang theory, and those are just the commedies :)