Monday, February 22, 2010

Well howdy ya'll!!

I never knew how popular a blog could get just by posting one little crochet pattern. There have been around 2000 views since Thursday since I posted the pattern. Have you made your scrubbing bobbles yet?? I made one in acrylic and one in cotton. I had heard that acrylic tawashis were all the rage in Japan, so I wanted to see what an acrylic sponge would handle was awesome!!! The cotton one works fantastical as well!

Here is a preview of my next pattern. It is super simple, yet so luxurious. I love my cotton spa cloths, and I know you will too!!
Today has been one of those really weird weather days, really gray skies and then rain, then snow, then sunshine....I've had such a yummolicious pot of coffee slowly warming me up today. It's one of those days that can get away from me if I am not careful. I need to finish up a few projects today...that seems to be the hardest part for me...the finishing...and start on a few more...on top of the laundry, vacuuming and and cooking and cleaning.

I told you about my new dryer last week. This has inspired a whole makeover in our laundry/craft room. We took out the box freezer and placed it in the garage...and we brought our computer desk down into my craft room. It was too wide, so I had my ever so crafty dad cut it down on one side.It is going to be my sewing machine I need to learn how to use it. Next....ooooh this part makes me want to squeal like a little school girl....He is going to build me a set of cubby shelves so I can organize my stash of yarn by color and skein...Oh I so cannot wait!!
And lastly, just a shot of my beautiful buttons!! Do you have a button collection?? This is just one tin filled to the brim...I have many more buttons...but I need to buy a new bin for them!!
See you soon my lovelies...and please feel free to say hello!!

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  1. Congrats on your fun craft room - and I can't wait to see some sewing creations! ;)